The lonely black hole

- "I'm so fucking lonely," I say, "no one ever listens to me."
- "But that's your fate," the doctor says, "you're a black hole."
- "But isn't there anything I can do? I want to speak to someone, show my love, my feelings, share my thoughts about the universe, existence, death. I want to live!"
- "No, that's impossible. Accept it. Things can only go into you. No information can ever leave. You're a black hole."
- "But I don't want to be a black hole. I have so much to give. Why doesn't anybody listen?"
- "They want to listen, but they can't. As soon as they hear you, they get sucked into you and they die. You're dangerous, don't you understand?"
- "You mean that girl too, with the blue eyes?"
- "Yes, she too. Accept it. You have to be lonely. You're too heavy."
- "And that baby-boy I held in my arms?"
- "Yes, he too. You are a monster. You crush people to death."
- "I want love!"
- "No."
- "I need someone!"
- "No!"
- "I'm hungry man! I die in here!"
- "Hey! Don't come so close... No! You shou..."
I look up to the stars. "I'm so fucking lonely," I say to the emptiness. No one listens.

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