Alien discussion

"That's it! Time!"
"It's called slime or something."
"No, it's a riddle to me. Maybe they know something we don't."
"Do you understand this thing they call chronology?"
"Yeah, did you see that? They always do that."
"Why are they looking at their watches so much?"


saawa said...

Haha, great conversation ;)

Ann Elle Altman said...

That's all I can say.


DK said...

It's a riddle :)

Elisabeth said...

How do you get to see time? You can't. So I understand their confusion. Don't you?

DK said...

I do :)

Anonymous said...

Great point, people are wishing their lives away!

Thanks for following Secret Story Time! I'm following you too.


saawa said...

Backwards chronology is still lineair time or isn't it?

DK said...

Hahaha... Of course it is, but I didn't want to make it too complicated... :)