Jason's pet T-rex

When Jason came home from school and discovered that his pet T-rex had eaten his mother, he knew he was in a lot of trouble.
His mother's head lay on the ground in the middle of the kitchen. One leg was lying there too, or rather, part of it. It had been bitten off above the knee. Her shoe was still on her foot. The T-rex, which was named Bobby, was nowhere to be seen.
Jason walked around the house and found it sleeping in the flowerbed that his father was so proud of.
"Bobby, you bad boy!" Jason shouted standing next to the giant head.
It is commonly known, T-rex, and especially domesticated ones, have a very fine hearing, almost comparable to dogs. So the T-rex jumped up and roared terrificly. However when it saw it was Jason, it smiled(as far as T-rex can be said to have a smile) and licked him over the head.
"Don't do that, Bobby," Jason called, "I'm very mad with you. You have eaten my mother. That's a bad thing."
The T-rex snorted and smiled some more and waved his tail through the flowerbed, wrecking the perfectly aligned flowers.
Jason looked back at the house and wondered what he should do. His father would be really angry when he saw what happened. He would probably call the police and they would take Bobby away from him and throw him in an asylum. Then he had an idea.
"Come on, Bobby," he said. They went into the house. The T-rex had to bow his head almost to the ground to fit through the door.
In the kitchen Jason took his mother's left leg and fed it to the dinosaur. If there was no evidence, he could say that his mother had gone on a worldtrip. Or maybe that she had met another man, maybe a sheikh from Abu Dhabi, and took off with him.
He picked up his mother's head and threw it to the T-rex.
Bobby however dodged away and the head bounced off the wall and landed on the floor next to the dustbin.
"What is this?" Jason said, "you don't want to eat the head?" He took up the head again and tried to push it into the dinosaur's mouth, but it kept its jaws closed and refused to open them.
At that moment his father came home. He saw what had happened and said: "What? Did Bobby eat your mother? God Jason, I told you that it was a bad idea to have a T-rex for a pet, now look what he has done." He put down his suitcase and loosened his tie. "Now wait, let me call the police and they will..."
At that moment Bobby took a big bite and swallowed the upper part of Jason's father, that is to say, he took a bite from the torso between the neck and the stomach. He shook the torso so that the head fell onto the ground. With his tongue he skooped up the lower part, including the legs.
"Oh no, Bobby, what are you doing? Now we are really in trouble."
The dinosaur snorted and laughed like an hyena and jumped up and down so wildly that the house shook and that pieces of plaster fell from the ceiling.
As Bobby kept refusing to eat the heads, there was nothing left for Jason to do than to hide them in the kitchen cupboard under the sink and hope that the police would not come by and strip-search the house or ask questions like: "where have you last seen your mother?" or "Where were you wednesday between 3 and 5 p.m.?"

The next day, right before he had to go to school, Jason said to Bobby: "You behave, ok?" He petted the beast on his nose, "I don't want to find anymore dead people."
The dinosaur snorted and hissed and waved his giant tail through the livingroom knocking over chairs and tables.
Jason sighed and went to school.
When he came home that afternoon, he found the head of the mailman lying under the hedge next to the door. And in the livingroom he found the heads of the neighbour, the milkman and of some woman that Jason didn't know but who looked like a sales woman.
Bobby was sleeping in the flowerbed again but this didn't bother Jason much anymore, because his father was unable to care about the flowers now.
At that moment the doorbell rang and when Jason opened he saw it was a policeman.
"Hello, young man," the policeman said, "I wonder if you can tell me anything about that head lying under the hedge." He peeked inside. "And now that we're at it, maybe you can tell me about those other heads too."
Jason looked at the ground. "It wasn't me," he said, "it was Bobby, my pet T-rex."
"Ah, a pet T-rex, huh?" the policeman said, "I understand. A T-rex is a dangerous animal."
Jason nodded. "Are you going to take him away from me?"
"Take him away? Oh no, buddy, don't you worry. It's their own fault to come so close to such a dangerous animal. I have one at home myself, I gave it to my son, and it gives me a heck of a lot of trouble, so I understand your situation. It doesn't like the heads, right?"
Jason shook his head.
"Yeah, I thought so. You know what you should do? You should put a warning-sign at the beginning of the lawn, so people will know they should not enter. And when they do so anyway, why, it's their own responsibility. Will you do that for me? It will save you a lot of trouble."
"Yes," Jason looked up and smiled a the officer.
"Ok son, good bye now."
That afternoon Jason made a big warningsign saying: 
and he put it at the beginning of the driveway.
From that moment on, no-one dared to enter the garden anymore, especially not when they saw Bobby playing in the yard or sleeping in the flowerbed.
Every now and then the police-officer would pass and Jason would wave at him and the officer would smile and touch his hat as police-officers do when they greet someone.

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