ShortzMag Flash Fiction Contest Entries

Here are the contestants and their stories of the First ShortzMag Flash Fiction Contest! Please cast your vote on the sidebar(left). You can choose multiple stories, but you can only vote once. Anyone can vote, so ask your family, friends, neighbours and followers to join in!

Good luck to all contestants!

The stories

Story 1 by @kylecallahan
Liz runs to the car, tears fresh on her face. He calls out her name, but now that too sounds like a lie. Key in ignition, she pulls away.

Story 2 by @ravencorinn
She pounded on the airlock door. "Too late," he said. Decontamination began.

Story 3 by @svramey
Father's ghost speaks louder than he did. It shouts obscenities at my mother and ridicules my brother; this from my mouth, with my tongue.

Story 4 by @Page_ten
*Need* She said it was love. Her therapist said it was co-dependency. She stopped therapy and used the money to buy a tandem bicycle.

Story 5 by @blanchardauthor
I blinked, alive again. Those fool children had done it! They had placed the hat on a golem, returning me. Time for this snowman to play.

Story 6 by @simonasylvester
It went on for years. And then, one day, she said ‘yes.’ It was whispered, hushed, involuntary, panted. It cut him to his addled core.

Story 7 by @raymondgates
*Hell Express* "Let her go you bastards!" He pounded the unyielding elevator doors. "Dad!" she cried. Fainter. Receding. "Daddy! It hurts!"

Story 8 by @TonyNoland
When he realized that no one really cared that his biopsy came back clean, he put away his Rolex and quietly stopped shopping for that BMW.

Story 9 by @mpdonoghue
The SETI scientists anxiously awaited the wisdom of the first message from aliens. Finally translated, it worryingly proclaimed, "First!"

Story 10 by @thewritertype
As we try to divide up the CDs, we play the music we fell in love to. Maybe I'll leave tomorrow.

Story 11 by @PamelaTurner
*Drowning* Pond water seeped into her slack mouth, stung her nose. Eyes closed, she prayed for her killer to stop. She’d changed her mind.

Story 12 by @frankiesachs
Missionary: She wears want on her face. He's too busy digging more Chick tracts out of his knapsack to see it. He thinks she's a good girl.

Story 13 by @BeachyBooks
On aching feet, she stares at the selfish, shiny digital worlds, broadsheets spread like butterfly wings. Will her chrysalis bring new hope?

Story 14 by @DavidKM
Robbie was in trouble. The traffic signals were communicating with one another using a variant of Morse code. The lights were against him.

Story 15 by @farookster
He stood in the shower to wash away the evil sins of his mind but the severity of them poisoned the water spreading out to infect all of him

Story 16 by @evafortuna
Run when the sunlight dies. Fallout brown dust beneath orange mountains. Over burning sand, we sprint against nightfall.

Story 17 by @redsaid1
After the accident, she's still conscious. She frets. Not about possibly dying, but about whether the paramedics'll notice her unshaven legs

Story 18 by @A_TAD
Loneliness crept in through an open window and slid into bed between the lovers. Without a sound they rolled onto their sides and made room.

Story 19 by @akaSjors
RT @lonely72: 140 characters is not enough for this but mum and dad: I loved you. @partygirl88: I never stopped loving you and I'm sorry we

Story 20 by @meneerdevoer
*Icecapades* I slipped and fell. People saw me. I died a little bit inside.

Story 21 by @ChrisPuzak
"Driving a Zamboni is a sacred trust," my dad always said. "Screw you dad," I muttered as I drove mine onto the highway.

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