French cheese [nsfw]

"A french cheese? Why would anyone do that?" the other cop asked.
"Hell, I don't know," said the first cop, "there are weird people out there you know, weird, weird people. But anyway she supposedly couldn't get it out anymore."
"It was stuck?"
"Yes sir," the first cop nodded, sipping from his coffee and looking into the distance.
"My God, that's gross."
"At least that's what they think happened. And she must have been too ashamed of it to tell anyone or to go see a doctor and have it removed. She was a high class woman, you know. It probably was stuck in there, quite some time, stinking, rotting, before sunday. You know what these cheeses can smell like when they get ripe."
"So she was walking in the park late sundaynight..."
"Airing her cunt so to say," said the other cop.
They laughed.
"Hahaha, yeah airing her cunt, when..." the first cop laughed some more puting his cup on the table, "when this guy... this guy snug up behind her and pulled her into the bushes. Apparently he wanted to rape her, but when he pulled back the curtains..."
"That smell, that smell!"
"Yeah, that's what they say happened and he must have fled, leaving the classy woman there, lying om the ground."
They where silent for some time, looking at the passing cars.
"And what happened then?"
"Well, she killed herself. They found her in the attick, mice running in and out of her."
"Yes sir."
The sun set on the other side of the boulevard.
"They like french cheese, you know, mice like french cheese."